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Molecular Profiles is a UK-based CDMO that specialises in advanced characterisation, R&D, clinical manufacturing and analytical services. Assisting pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies worldwide, its experienced scientists are renowned for resolving tough development issues and dealing with intellectual property litigation.

 Its early-stage services extend from pre-formulation, formulation development and solid-state screening. Supporting a dedicated in-house technical group that specialises in complex research science, its strategic alliances allow the firm to develop challenging molecules and accelerate compounds to clinic.

The company recently created an enabling technologies division, which brings together several early stage screening capabilities with the aim of supporting companies with the development of effective and bioavailable drug products.

 Molecular Profiles shares a partnership with XenoGesis that adds additional expertise in preclinical drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) to its enabling technologies platform. The alliance helps drug developers in the initial design and selection of compounds for key DMPK and ADME studies, as well as supporting lead candidates, which have solubility issues during formulation development.

 Complementing its development and consulting divisions, the company’s state-of-the-art clinical manufacturing facility handles a range of non-sterile dosage forms such as solids, liquids, semi-solids and inhaled products, including controlled drugs and potent compounds.

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